Bonjour! I’m home. After one week away from home, my plants are dehydrating. First thing I need to do after putting the stuff inside, is watering all my plants. It’s good to be home.

Plant and post have been waiting at home.

While I was watering my plants outside, my boyfriend was checking on all tracking paper we need to pick up at the post office. Some shipper made a call right after we turn the phone signal on, they will deliver by tomorrow. Somebody will have many works to do for the upcoming week, it’s Greg. ^^ Wait for his video reviews, it will be online as soon as possible.

No move for a month

According to many jobs that we need to be done, a new project to start, and we were tried from Hong Kong’ trip, we decide to be in Pattaya, Thailand for a month. We will not go anywhere until October. This morning, we woke up and start our normal life, had breakfast, clean up, and work. We were sitting on our desk, put our heads into the computer screen, and work, work, work…  Not likes that, haha.  We always work but we always have our time as well.

I have to go to Bangkok.

After finishing my work, I spent my little free time on the social network, Instagram, and Facebook.  I have found something very interesting post on Facebook. There is a book fair in Bangkok. Big promotion up to 50% discount and many of them are on my must-read list. The most interesting in this book fair is Book Buffet which you just pay 199 baht for a bag and all the book you can put inside the bag is free. You can take as much as you can. So, I have to go to Bangkok.

I have found an interesting place for a Manga Fan, Detective Conan. The Bake A Wish cafe has held the Detective Conan Cafe theme at Siam Discovery branch. Detective Conan Cafe has just begun this August 2018 and will be finished on 20th September 2018. The cafe is not far from the Book Buffet. I need to go to Bangkok, lol.

There is no such thing about stays home.

I prepared all the information and picture to persuade Greg to take me to Bangkok before it ends. (after I agreed to be at home for a month, lol) Guess what? He agrees to go to the events. ‘My best boyfriend ever’ will take me to Bangkok tomorrow.  For our ‘being at home for a month’ will start after the Bangkok trip. ^^

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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