Bonjour! Coffee is always classy as same as a cup. Sure, it is not just a normal cup because I will not talk about anything simple. This is 470 ml Elegant Tumbler Cup, a super stable cup I have ever seen. Even I never splash my coffee on the floor but when I see this picture, it is very interesting. No more spilled coffee!

470ml Elegant Tumbler Cup Mug from Xiaomi Youpin- White

470 ml Elegant Tumbler Cup is using innovation magic sucker technology, with the help of air pressure, the cup will be tightly pressed on the table. The cup can be sucked on the smooth surface. It stands firm like a mountain, not easy to fall even when you try to push it.

470ml Elegant Tumbler Cup Mug from Xiaomi Youpin- White

In my opinion, this is a cup which I could have it immediately. Don’t worry, I will not take it alone, I’m willing to share with you all.

Here is where I take it with Promotion  22% off

D’origine Xiaomi Crf 470 ml Pas Verser Coupe L’innovation Magique Sucker Splash Preuve Non-slip ABS Double Isolation 304 inoxydable

Have a nice cup of coffee to all


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