Bonjour! Monday again, it’s a complicated day for dinner. Both of the restaurant nearby close on Mondays together.  Where can we go?

It closes on Mondays

Our favorite restaurant, Pumpui, closes on Mondays. They open 6 days a week, Tuesday to Sunday.  We went there 2-3 times a week, mostly for dinner. The other opened day is fine except when they close, we always feel like ‘Oh, no place to go’. It happens every Mondays, Pumpui is close, Taco House is close. We have no place to go. lol.

Where can we have dinner tonight?

Actually, there are so many restaurants we can go for dinner. But when a place we know is close, we feel like we don’t have any choice. That’s human’s thing!

Anyway, we went to Central Marina Pattaya. The food park is one of our favorites places. Let’s be clear, it’s my favorite place. Not sure if it is Greg‘s favorite place because he always has the same dish every time we come here, Chicken Masala.  Hello Greg, here’s a food park with many different kinds of food. We should try all, lol.

Egg noodles with pork

For me, it is always fun to walk around this place to see all menu before making a decision. Even I remember all they have but the pictures of the food is very nice. Tonight, I had a bowl of egg noodles with pork. It’s a famous food from the North of Thailand. I have to admit, the picture is better than the real dish I have. It’s life, huh.

Mister Donut Promotion

It was good to come to Central Marina Pattaya tonight. Good promotion from Mister Donut is very interesting, 10 pieces for 189 Baht. Then, we have it. Promotion always works with me, especially promotion for food, lol.

Au revoir & See you tomorrow



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