Bonjour! Sunday has come and gone. Having a private class with my girls this morning and cooking for lunch as a normal weekend, That’s great! ^^

I cooked for lunch and it was not noodles. Today is special, I did fried rice, yeah! It was good, my boyfriend said that and I totally agree, lol. I forgot to take a picture of my super fried rice and post on my blog. It was super fried rice with pork and eggs. I will show you next time, I promise! ^^

After lunch, I followed the GLG to ship some product to our customer. He lived in Pattaya just 10 mins from our house. That’s great!

On the way back home was many workers from the internet company fixing some wire things by the road, that’s why we didn’t have internet connection since the morning. I have to watch a series on Netflix with 4G. I hope they will finish the wire things soon.

We went to BigC for dinner around 6pm. Strolling around HomePro to check on cool stuff and end up buying nothing. Continue to Big C supermarket for yogurt and end up with things we’re not meant to buy. It’s always like that when you come to a supermarket.

Food park in BigC, central Pattaya is a good place for food. The food is not amazing but there are many choices of Thai food. It’s quite hard to make a decision each time because I would like to have more than one dish. I must choose one and that’s hard lol.

Finally, I got a roasted duck with wonton soup. It’s not so good but it was not so bad. The food is just fine. If I need to choose, I prefer the food park in Central Marina. But here at BigC is OK. You can come to eat and shopping in one place.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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