Bonjour! This is the last weekend for my 32 years old. I’m going to get one year older by Monday. Last but not least, today is such a good simple day for me.

Good Simple Saturday Morning

I have a class from 10:00 to 12:00 on weekend at home. So, I don’t have any weekend off, so sad for me, huh! Absolutely not. I feel like I just work only on weekend and have the weekday off which is better than having a weekend off, right?  2 days working and 5 days off work, It ‘s a good simple!

Actually, I work every day but I work from home on my computer with only one colleague is my boyfriend. So, It doesn’t feel like working at all. We work and take a break to watch a movie, reading, swimming, work out and back to work. It sounds great! Of course, it is.

Simple lunch at home

After class is a lunchtime and I cooked. I’m not good at cooking but not so bad, it means ‘can eat’ but the taste is hard to explain, lol. After a year I finally cook for the first time, and today is the third time.  It’s simple and easy noodle, an instant noodle (lol) which I put more options. And…….Greg, my boyfriend, had this menu for already three lunch, sorry for my cooking skill. haha.

A simple night in the sky

We went to the market to buy something for work and had dinner there. It was very hot in Pattaya and also in the market. The good thing about the market is it’s near the Outlet Mall which always fresh with air conditioning. To escape the bad weather into a shop for 5 mins, we lost money for a product in return. Crocs have a big discount, the Outlet always has a big discount, so we have to take them.

We end our night at my favorite place, The Sky Gallery, with my favorite drink, Mango frappe. It was nice weather with a little windy at The Sky, plus a cold drink, this is perfect. My simple but the good night will finish safe and sound, Good night to you all.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow



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