Bonjour! It is so simple getting up in the early morning for many people. I was a morning person before all of my schedule has changed. Now, it is so so hard for me to get up at 7 in the morning.

I was a morning person

When I work at school, 6 am is regular time to get up. It was my routine even on weekend, I mostly got up early.  Four months ago when I started to work at home, I don’t have to put an alarm at all.  Since then, my morning starts around 8-9 am. I’m not a morning person now.

I would like to wake up early like before to have a morning fresh air. It becomes harder due to I go to bed quite late, normal time is midnight. It does not only sleep late but also I get older.  When I was younger (I think I still young ^^), midnight was also my bedtime and I can wake up at 6 am without any problem.

Quality of your sleep

It is not only the time when you go to bed and how long is it, but it’s about the quality of your deep sleep. I was easy to fall asleep as soon as my head touches the pillow and rarely have a dream. My bedtime is still same but it takes me more than 20 minutes or sometimes an hour to fall to sleep with dreams. I often wake up tried with a little headache since last year.

I was read some book about sleeping, they say when you get older, you will sleep less. Like for children, they need 10-12 hrs, teenager need 8-9hrs, and adult is just 6-7 hrs. It doesn’t work for me. I used to sleep only 5-6 hrs when I was younger, and wake up fresh. Now I need more than 8 hrs. Otherwise, I will wake up with a zombie mode.

Like this morning, after waking up at around 7 am for a week and bedtime is still at midnight, I have a headache since I got up. I need more time to sleep. I didn’t have a nice deep sleep for a long time and I always dream a messy dream.

I am lucky because of tomorrow I don’t need to wake up early for 1 day.  Enjoy a wake up late day tomorrow everyone.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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