As a huge fan of Harry Potter like me, the most interesting thing for me is anything with any sign form Harry Potter. This is it, a book, but it is not just a book. Actually, this is a planer with Harry Potter Cover.

Harry Potter is a story about magic which the background is in England. If you ever watch this film, you will get familiar with the quill pen.


This is a must-have item for a fan of Harry Potter. A notebook, 2019 Planer Magic Book with a quill pen could be a perfect match for the beginning of this magic year.

This reminds me of the memory of Tom Riddle’s Diary form the second year of Harry Potter. If you are a fan, you know exactly what I mean.

 Planner Magic Book Harry Potter Notebook can be found on Aliexpress today at a good price.  Do not hesitate to buy all! 


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