Bonjour! Woke up and spent time in the morning like normal, didn’t expect anything special until the prince wrote me. Not only one, but a prince of Jordan and a prince of Dubai also wrote me at the same time. Oh, my goodness!

Before I met a prince

A normal girl woke up to do as a normal girlfriend, making pancake for my boyfriend and myself. It’s normal except I don’t really know how to cook, lol. Anyway, our breakfast went well. My second time making pancake was super nice, I guess.

Oh, my prince

While scrolling on Instagram, I received a message from a prince of Jodan. I replied ‘Hi’ and a minute later another message popped up. It was from a prince of Dubai. After say Hi and introduce himself, a prince of blah blah blah. He asked if I’m single and blah blah blah. Oh, a prince would like to marry me? Aww, I will be a princess EXCEPT I’m not living in a lavender field and running with a unicorn.

Pince of crime

I’m sick of this ‘idiot’. Hello, what do you want from people? Not follow my IG, not even like one of my hundreds of pictures, just sent a direct message for stupid conversation. I know it a fake account since he said he is a prince. I don’t think any prince or princess will have time to do something like this.  Oh, he even told me that his last account was hacked by an Internet Criminal so that he has just registered a new account for secretly using, lol.

Misty, Luke Cage, and Daredevil

I have tried to be nice by asking the price if he has any unicorn in the lavender field? Is it a nice question, isn’t it? haha. Then, he said if I did not believe him and kept this in secret, he will report me to FBI, lol. Okay, I told him, I’m going to report him to NYPD cops, to Misty, the Maserati Hand, and Luke Cage. If not enough I will call the Daredevil, I met him every evening on Netflix lately.  Then I blocked him.

Half of Million Dollar

I have no idea why people want to do bad thing to other. Last time I receive an email from a girl diagnosis for the last stage of cancer asked me to help people by transfer all her money, millions dollar, to me but I have to pay the fee, big amount, and I can have half of million dollars later.

It’s a criminal, we know that. But there are still some people who really believe all this shit. It’s a sadness. I hope no one is a victim in this crime anymore.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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