Bonjour! Nothing much today, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and prepare to go to Hongkong tomorrow.

My breakfast is just yogurt and cereal with tea. As usual, breakfast time is reading time. I still read the same book, the world history. It’s thick but interesting.

Lunchtime was the same. Simple noodles for Greg and stir-fried mushrooms with rice for me. It’s a super easy cooking but it’s good. I like mushrooms. In fact, I like vegetables. 

We went to Bronx Pizza for dinner but it closed. Normally, It closed on Tuesdays and I didn’t go there for one month, and I forgot. So, we moved to another restaurant, Sportsman at Soi 13, Pattaya beach.  It’s a nice place. It’s our Wednesday’s burger before. I’m sure when we stopped our Wednesday thing.

Today is an ordinary day, nothing special for me. Today is just breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I will pack my bag for a week in Hongkong and then I will try to go to bed early because I have to get up at 6 am tomorrow. So, good night to you!

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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