Bonjour! Today I have visited a nice French Restaurant hiding in a small street in the middle of Pattaya City, Thailand. It’s a nice place where they serve a good French food. FYI, these photos were shot on Black Shark, lol.

Where is it?

Here is Freelax Cafe and Restaurant located at Soi Bongkod 3, Pattaya, Thailand. It’s on a smaller street of a small street of the small street again. You can’t just walk pass by chance. This is a place where Google can be your great help. If you have been to this restaurant before, you will understand. 

What’s on the menu?

Freelax is a French Restaurant. So, they serve French food and dessert. As this restaurant located in Thailand, some dish is mixed between western food and Thai style. I’m so sorry I forgot to take any picture of their menu. But don’t worry, I will go back to this place again, many times!

What did I have today?


I have lunch, of course. Sorry, I’m kidding, lol. I have the lunch set of today. I couldn’t remember all the choices they have. First, a small Charcuterie for the starter, then steak which I don’t remember the name, it looks like tartar steak but cooked, and Creme caramel for dessert. All of these is only 200 baht, it’s a very fair price.

How was it?

It was good, all of them. They gave a lot on each plate. Cream caramel was good and it comes in a big bowl. I couldn’t finish my dessert, I’m too full. Food is good here as well as service. Staffs are nice and friendly.

I used to come here only for dinner but today I came for lunch. It is quite different at lunch. I have just seen the whole place. The balcony looks pretty at daytime. Food is good, service is fine and the place is nice. So, I would recommend you to try this restaurant. ^^

Au revoir & See you tomorrow


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