Bonjour! It has been 9 days of the rescue mission searching for the lost youth soccer team in a cave in Chiang Rai, Thailand. All rescue teams, Thai with cooperation from many counties work so hard  24 hours for already 9 days, and still ongoing without any blaming. Instead of wishing and thanks to them, there are some people sit behind their keyboard posting their opinions which is good for no one.

I have kept up with the updates for 9 days with hope and wish for the rescue and the lost boys. I have seen so many good help come from Thai people and other countries. Also, many people keep up with the news from a Social network like Facebook and Twister with many good comments, wishing for the lost and the rescue to be safe.

There are many good and also many bad comments on social media, We all have the right to post our opinions and comments on a public post, with agreement or disagreement. I have read many stories about this case. Some people believe in a Myth, tales, and mystery of the cave.  Some say it is related to a drug dealer. Some people start to blame the lost boy, why they came in the cave”?  and even blame the rescue team “why they work very slow?”  I have no idea how they get these ideas but it is good for nobody.  Seem like it comes from losers behind their keyboard trying to be cool and brave which they will never be in real life.

I do understand that we all have the right to think in different ways and also have the right to express our opinions. But it doesn’t mean we need to fight with others to prove them wrong. Some people are just good at a show off on the social media but not in real world. If they are as good as blaming the rescue team, please go to the cave and help them. If you can’t, wishes for them. If you don’t want to wish for anyone, try not to talk in any bad ways.

This is a big news and people over Thailand and many countries talking about.  But We are in a free world which we can choose what we want to hear. If you don’t want to know about this news, just avoid it, you have choices. There is so many news come up every day. I’m sick of those people who try to put their thought to fight with others and even say why so many people come to help them……What’s wrong with you, guys.  Nobody asks for your help or even ask you for keeping up with this news. Before you post anything, think about those who work so hard, try to save human lives. Everyone has the right to live and everyone deserves to be helped.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow.



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