Bonjour! This blog is yesterday’s blog because I didn’t publish anything last night. We went back from the event in Bangkok quite late and after we did our daily work, it was already midnight.   So, the Blackmagic event will be told tonight!

The Event

The story began not long ago when my boyfriend, Greg, heard about the upcoming event in Bangkok and he has already booked online. That means we have to go to Bangkok for the Blackmagic Design Day in Bangkok. The event took place around the MRT station which is good for travel without a personal car.

Blackmagic Design

The Blackmagic Design Day in Bangkok was held in the Circus Studio, Ladprao, Bangkok. It was about the camera. It was a nice event for people who are in the Entertainment industry or interesting in making movies, video content and etc. As you see in the pictures. It’s very interesting even for me who knows didn’t know much about the camera.

Click on the link to see how cool is this event on GLG Video. ^^

Bangkok Sameday

For the traffic sake, we decide not to take any car or motorbike to Bangkok anymore. It was not a good idea to drive in Bangkok when the traffic is so bad and the parking is so expensive. So, we took the bus from Pattaya to Bangkok and from Bangkok back to Pattaya on the same day. This is a better idea. We didn’t lose our mind in the traffic and even time to search for a parking spot. We also have time to watch a movie and rest on the bus, this is good.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow



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