Bonjour! It the 2nd days in Chiang Mai. As our hotel is near Tha Phae Gate, we decide to visit some beautiful temple inside the old city wall. From the Gate, down on Rachadamnoen Road.

Beautiful temple near Tha Phae Gate in Chiang Mai

There are so many temples in Chiang Mai, very different style but all beautiful. On the road we took today is just a short route but there are 4 or 5 beautiful temples on it. We couldn’t visit all in a day. We have just visited some well-known temples.

Wat Phra Singh Woramahaviharn

Wat Phra Singh is located inside the old city wall at the end of Rachadamnoen Road from Tha Phae Gate. This is a must see temple, very beautiful. There is a very ancient Ho Tai in front of the beautiful viharn Luang, a massive viharn. There is also the main chedi sit inside. reclining Buddha, and viharn Lai Kham.

Wat Phan Tao, the teak wooden Ubosot

Wat Phan Tao is one of the oldest temples in Chiang Mai. It is a very beautiful wooden temple. The Ubosot is made of teak, hardwood. Originally, it was a throne hall of one of Chiang Mai’s King hundreds of years ago. very old but very beautiful.

Wat Chedi Luang

Next to Wat Phan Tao stands another well-known temple, Wat Chedi Luang. This is the highest pagoda of Lanna, Northern of Thailand. It was 80 meters tall before broke in half during the earthquake in 1545.

It was very nice to visit very beautifully temple today. I have visited some temple, I couldn’t visit all because they are so many temples in Chiang Mai. I think we need at least 10 days to visit all in the old city wall.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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