Bonjour! This week is friends’ week, meeting, talking, and eating. We went out for blah blah blah and back home almost midnight for already 3 days.

Where we go for blah blah blah?

I left home at noon to pick up my friends for lunch. We had lunch at a seafood restaurant by the sea. It was a nice restaurant with a beautiful balcony for enjoying the sea view. This is a seafood restaurant so we had seafood for lunch. I had my favorite dish, Gung Chae Nam Pla.  🙂

What is Gung Chae Nam Pla?


Gung Chae Nam Pla, or Shrimp in fish sauce, is a Thai salad made from fresh raw shrimp soaked in Thai fish sauce and served with chunks of gourd, cloves of garlic, chilies, and spicy sauce. It’s a kind of appetizer but also good to have it with rice. You should order this menu at a seafood restaurant where they always serve fresh shrimp. If the shrimp is not fresh, it smells very bad you couldn’t eat it. 

Coffee after lunch

After we finished our lunch and took time talking at the table for a while, maybe an hour. We moved to a coffee shop on the way home for coffee and drink. Girls went out is about talking and the conversation will never end, lol.

Netflix and chill.

I have to back home for a little work at 4 pm. So, I took them to wait at my home for Netflix and chill. This is not a ‘Netflix and chill’ thing, lol.  They were watching a movie on Netflix for real, just watching and talking about the movie. haha.

*Netflix and chill is a slang. It means come over to someone’s house to have sex.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow