Bonjour! Woke up early for our journey to Bangkok, very exciting for the Book Buffet, which book they sell and how many I can take. The super duper exciting is we’re going to do my very first WTF: What The Food Video today. Couldn’t wait to be in Bangkok!

The Book Buffet

It took around 3 hours from Pattaya to Makkasan SRT Railway Station where held the Book Buffet. Traffic in Bangkok is always crazy. Next time ( if we need to go to Bangkok again), would be better to take public transportation. We could spend our 3 hours watching VDO or even sleep on the bus, It should be nice.

The book fair was held in the middle of the station. I thought it will be a small event, but it’s not. It’s a big book fair full of lots of interesting books, this is my paradise!

The Book Buffet is a small area at one corner of the book fair. We have arrived 30 minutes before the second round, perfect! Just 10 minutes after we got in the line, crowded of readers was coming and the line after us will start in next hour.

You have 20 minutes

The staffs gave us one bag per each person, it costs 199 baht. We have only 20 minutes to find the book we want and put in the bag.  You can take any book in the Buffet area and put in the bag they gave you. You can take as much as you can put nicely in the bag.  If it not enough, you can ask for another bag, each back cost 199 baht. They said that somebody can put 17 books in one bag, how come?

It was so many people inside the Buffet. It was not easy to find what I want and not easy to take a little time to read the title. I found 2 books I really want which is written by Dan  Brown. They’re super thick. So, it’s just 4 books in the first bag.

The second bag was taken by my boyfriend who recorded the Book Buffet Video from the beginning. You will see how crazy it was on his YouTube Chanel when it online. You will say WOW! when you watch it, lol.

14 books for only 597 baht

I chose the book and my boyfriend tried to put in the bag, we’re a good teamwork. I picked by the author’s name who I know and from my super fast skimming. 20 minutes is too short for buying a book. Finally, after 15 mins, I have three bags full of books.  When I check from the original price, all of these 14 books cost around 4,000 baht.  But this is Book Buffet, I have just paid 597 baht for all. This is a good day of my life, lol.


Anyway, I have spent all my page for the Book Buffet. So, the WTF Video will be on the blog tomorrow. ^^

Au revoir & see you tomorrow



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Jérôme · 2 September 2018 at 20 h 06 min

Very nice idea and opportunity !

    gookpix · 3 September 2018 at 14 h 23 min

    Thank you for your comment ^^

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