Bonjour! Today is like the bright sky after the storm. Yesterday has passed with stress when my car stopped to breathe and I have no idea what to do, just sent to the Service Center and I hope everything will be fine.

GLG Express

It was not bad to start the day when a customer contacted us for a smartphone we have posted on a FaceBook page, Geek Shop Thailand. Fortunately, her is also in Pattaya. So, we deliver the products by GLG Express. It was us, me and my boyfriend, GLG. lol.

The Service Center

We went to MG Service Center in Pattaya for checking on my poor little car. We had an appointment with the insurance at 2 p.m. So, we killed time by riding around searching for a nice place for lunch. The Service Center is quite far from Pattaya. It is on Sukhumvit Road on the way to Sattahip, around 15 k.m. from Central Pattaya. It’s not far from the beach.

Ai Talay Restaurant

We follow GPS to a restaurant but when we reached there, it’s a hotel instead. We decided to ride along the beach and found another one. It’s Ai Talay Restaurant. Here is a nice place by the beach. The beach here is different from Pattaya Beach, more peaceful and more beautiful. Walking or riding a bike along the beach would be nice. Even better with my favorite dish, Somtum. ^^


I didn’t expect to go to any beautiful place today. The priority is about the car. So, my outfit is a little suck as you see. I don’t want to take a photo with this my messy hair and my Not-ready-for-photo face. But this place is beautiful and the weather is just fine. Let’s take some shot. ^^

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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