Bonjour! How was your breakfast, guys? Me? It was super nice and if you ask my boyfriend, he will say so. You know what, because I made pancake this morning, lol.

Buttermilk Pancake Shake

It has been 2 years already since I first told him I can make pancakes. Finally, I did, lol. You will say pancake is super simple and easy to do and yes, it is. This morning is even easier with Imperial Buttermilk Pancake Shake. Just pour water in the bottle and shake, that’s it!  Super easy, no milk added, no egg added, just water. ^^

A little challenge of the day

With this item is super easy for mixing step, shake, shake and shake. But the next step depends on your cooking skill. I have to say I hardly ever cook because I cannot cook, haha. For me, making a pancake is a little challenge of the day, haha. I have no idea how cook it needs, light brown, brown, medium brown, or dark brown?  You will see from the picture, all is not the same shade. lol.

My pancake this morning looks better than the first time I have made. Yes, it’s better, lol. After the third times making pancakes with the Imperial Buttermilk Pancake Shake, Greg asked me if it better to mix all by myself. What does he really mean? The Shake one is not good or it’s not really good, haha. Doesn’t matter, I’m good at eating not cooking. 🙂

Honey from Doi Kham

Anyway, my pancakes are super delicious with honey from Doi Kham. It’s from the Royal project establish by  King Bhumibol Adulyadej ( King Rama 9 of Thailand) to solve the problem of opium cultivation and the shifting cultivation of the Hill Tribe, encourage them to plant vegetable and fruit instead. The King also established “Hill Tribe Cooperatives” and “First Foods Factory” to assist in the purchase of crop products with fair prices. The products are processed under the trademark “Doi Kham” operated in the social business model. The company is involved in creating a happy society with a balanced and sustainable development. 


All product from Doi Khum is really good. You will have good quality and be able to help society at the same time. With the Doi Kham honey, my pancake becomes the best pancake ever, confirmed by Greg! ^^

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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