Bonjour! Today is the third day of Chiang Mai Trip. Still in the same area, the old city. Visited three temples a day and still have many to go. Chiang Mai is a city of beautiful Buddhist temples, that’s great!

Wat Chiang Man

Started the day at Wat Chiang Man, the oldest temple in Chiang Mai. This temple holds an important and famous crystal Buddha and the oldest Buddha image created by the Lanna Kingdom. Behind the great hall is the Elephant Chedi. The squared base chedi with elephant images around.

Art & Cultural Museum

5 minutes walking from Chiang Man Temple to the Three King Monument. Behind the monument is Chiang Mai Art & Cultural Center. It’s a nice place to visit to learn more about Chiang Mai, people, culture and origin. This is a good idea for us to visit at noon when outside is freaking hot.

Wat Inthakhin

Next to the museum is another important temple of Chiang Mai, Wat Inthakhin. This temple named after the city pillar, Sao Inthakhin, which is now moved to Wat Chedi Lamung.

Saturday Walking Street

After visiting temples in the old city and have a rest at the hotel, we are ready to go for a night walk at Wua Lai Walking Street. It holds on Saturdays night on Wua Lai Road where the Silver Ubosot is.

The walking street is super cool. There are many small vendors on both sides of the street. It’s a night chilling place for walking and have dinner.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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