Bonjour! If you ever come to Thailand, you know exactly how amazing 7-Eleven is.  There are many convenience stores in Thailand, this is one of the most popular in the country.

Where can you find 7-Eleven in Thailand?

Everywhere, in every province, every district, it is easy to find one. I said everywhere and I mean it. Many areas have more than 2 branches on the same street. Like on my road, Soi Siam Country Club, from the beginning of the road to my house it’s around 2 kilometers. There are 7 branches of 7-Eleven.  It’s everywhere and every time because it opens 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, always open.

Good 7-Eleven

It is the real convenient store which most of the needed products can find here. There’re snacks, water, drink, soft drinks, food, daily product, book, cleaning supply, cosmetic, medicine and etc. It is convenient as its names.

I have all ingredient from 7-Eleven

I wrote on my blog that I don’t know to cook but I know exactly how to make my dish delicious. Without going to the market which is crowded and always wet on the floor, I can easily find the ingredient I need from this convenience store, 7-11.

This is what I cook, super duper easy with microwave. It will be easier by the microwave in the shop, they also have that service. I would like to make it more complicated to feel like cooking by myself, lol.  Take more step by open a plastic bowl of rice, open a can of tuna, put the spicy pasty in a little bowl. Then put them in Microwave for 2 mins. Take out the plastic cover and put the fresh tomato in the dish to eat with spicy pasty. À voilà, my food is ready. 😀


7-11 is amazing, easy to find, always open. If you ever come to Thailand and if you ever have experience buying from 7-11, I will always miss it. I don’t say I like this store, but I just go there almost every day, lol.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow




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