Bonjour! I spent the whole blog yesterday writing about the Book Buffet. It’s a long article and I couldn’t finish the Detective Conan Cafe. So, this blog will be about the Detective story.

After the Book Buffet’s mission accomplished, it was at lunchtime. We went to Siam Discover in Bangkok center, where the Detective Conan Cafe takes place. This event starts from August 2018 to 20th September 2018. It’s special for the Manga fan of Detective Conan.

WTF: What The Food begins


Besides going to lunch at the place for Conan’s fan like me. This is also where my very first video WTF: What The Food begins. The first video of me and I’m super duper excited. I was worried I couldn’t remember anything I would like to say in the video. And yes, I was too excited and totally forgot everything. That’s bad. I realize the video will not be so good as I want it to be. Fortunately, I’m a GLG‘s girlfriend, he did his best to help me through his super hard time. The video after editing is better than I expected, thank you to my best producer ever, @greglegeek.

Who is Detective Conan?


Detective Conan or Case Closed is a Japanese cartoon. The story is about a high school detective names Kudou Shinichi was forced to have poison( a pill) when he was investigating about the Black Organization. Instead of death, the poison turned him back to 7 years old boy. He has changed the name to Conan and lived with his childhood friend, Mori Run. Run’s father is also a Detective but he is not so good at it. When he has a case, it was Conan who helps to close all cases. By all the tool invented by Dr. Argase. Living with the Detective is a good chance for little Conan to continue to follow the Black Organization case. Shinichi was turned to be Conan, a 7 years old boy, so, he has to primary Scholls again and that is the beginning of the story.

Detective Conan Cafe


At the Detective Conan Cafe, actually it is Bake A Wish bakery, there is food, dessert, and drink decorated with Conan series. We had pork curry rice for lunch, a plate of dessert with cheesecake, ma Garons, cream and ice cream. A cup of hot Late for me and herb drink for my personal producer, GLG. ^^


It was not bad but not so good. This is a kind of famous Cafe, they said that it’s homemade cake. The tastes of food, dessert, and even drink were disappointed especially when you compare with the price. To be honest, at this price, we could expect to have something better. But for the limited design like this, I will try to understand.

Anyway, WTF: What The Food video will be online this Wednesday. It’s my first video, I’m super excited and nerves at the same time. I hope you like it, I will try my best to be better and better.

Au revoir & See you tomorrow



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