Bonjour! I would like to tell a background story first. According to my boyfriend, Greg, fancy riding a motorcycle. He has bought and trade his bikes since he’s in Thailand. Most of them was bought around Pattaya but this time we have to sent it to other province.

From Pattaya to Chiang Mai

Greg has just had a deal with his customer in Chiang Mai for buying his KTM and we have to send the bike there. It is too far to ship by ourselves as Pattaya and Chiang Mai is far. So, we need to find a shipper.

Shipping by Thailand Post

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We have searched how to ship the motorcycle in Thailand and there’s many ways to ship it including Thailand Post. As I mentioned about Thailand Post before, they’re not accept any products with battery but they except motorcycle. Even thought, motorbike is big, heavy, with gas, oil and big battery as well. We need to be clear about this,

How much for KTM DUKE 390?

We went to ask for the information at Banglamung Post today. We can ship a motorcycle from Pattaya to Chiang Mai by Thai Post. The expense for KTM DUKE 390 is around 3,500 baht for packing and shipping. The price depends on how many CC the bike is, the size and weigh.

As Greg is a bike lover, he has done a lot for make his bike looks better. All the things he has change he agreed  to give to his customer. All other thing is not include within the same box with the motorbike. We have to ship separately in other box.  The box is around 200 baht for 100 cm length. Shipping’s price depends on how much does it weigh?

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For shipping, they need to empty the tank for safety and bundled up the bike nicely like any  parcel. You can ship from the post office to post office. There is no delivery service to your home yet. It’s convenience that you can ship a big parcel like this via Thai Post.

Anyway, our customer prefer to ship via another company instead and it is door to door service. That’s better. ^^

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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