Bonjour!  The big news in Thailand for about 10 days is about searching for the lost 13 youth soccer player who trapped in a cave in Chiang Rai. The rescue team worked hard and did their best to save 13 lives. Finally, we have heard a great news from inside the cave, They have found them.

After the rescue team who has risked their lives to save lives for 10 days. Under the pressure of time and nature, they have done their best work together on the same mission. Finally, they have brought the joy to us all, the boys were found safe inside the cave. When the news was confirmed, many cried with joy.

Most of us who keep up with the news, we are really happy to hear it. I can’t imagine how the rescue team who works so hard at the cave feel. They are the hero in real life, all of them. The people who work inside the cave, diving, searching, who searches for any tunnel to get inside, who help with the equipment, who give good information, who pump out water, who let their land flooded to save 13 lives, who cooks, who donated all needed stuff, who help for clean, toilet, laundry, massage and etc.

Most of them come with their good heart to help 13 lives who they have never met. It is about humanity, we help each other.  This is beyond a mission but this situation proves about our humanity. People help people. No matter what or where the help will come to you.

After they have found the 13, the doctor was sent inside along with any help needed. Now the mission has changed from searching to hel[ and bring them back safely. I believe all will happen well, I believe in the rescue team.

I would love to thank you to all help from many countries and from our Thai people over the countries. And for the 13 boys, they deserved to be helped as much as deserved to be blamed for what they have done. BUT for now, keep praying for all of them to be safe and get out of the cave safely.

Au revoir & See you tomorrow


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