Bonjour! Sunday is the day of the week between Saturday and Monday. It is a day of rest in most Western countries, as a part of the weekend and weeknight. So, Sunday is a day off (for many people). A good Sunday is a day for relaxation.

Good Sunday

I wrote about a morning person yesterday, it was me who had a hard time to wake up early in the morning. It’s been a week that I had to get up around 7 am in the morning because the workers come to work at home. But today is Sunday and it is their day off. I turned off all alarm before went to bed last night and wake up with fresh when my body had enough rest. It was good.

Free Sunday

When the worker worked at home, I need to be home with them all day long.  We have just been to a restaurant for lunch and dinner. Sunday is a good day for both of us, the workers and I. Normally, I have class on a weekend from 10 to 12 but today is no class. It’s one free day for me.

Sunday shopping

Today, Greg and I went to a restaurant where is a bit far from home and take our time there.  Then, chilling in a market looking for some exotic decoration which cannot find even one but it’s ok. We went to Decathlon after we finish walking around the market to buy something for swimming and chilling again in a coffee shop. It likes a free day and it’s a good day.

The shopping Sunday does not finish in the coffee shop. Just before dinner, we stopped by Index Living mall and spent a nice hour looking for a decoration, Index is a good place for little stuff. Last but not least after lunch, we bought some little thing on the way home. It was a good Sunday off for spend time outside after we were home for the whole week.

Spending time at a home decor shop is like walking in a beautiful garden, lol. I like it. So, how about your weekend? How is your Sunday going?

Good Sunday for gookpix

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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