Bonjour! Today is a good Sunday to publish the new page on Facebook, Geek Shop Thailand.  There is up to 50% discount for high-tech stuff. Take a look and shop with us.

A brand new Facebook page

Geek Shop Thailand is a brand new Facebook page. It’s just published this afternoon. The page writes in Thai but the features of each product will be in English. If you get a chance to see my page and you don’t understand Thai, don’t hesitate to write me in the direct message.  It would be my pleasure to answer any question.

What is Geek Shop Thailand?

Geek Shop Thailand is our shop, we put our products we would like to share with everyone with a very fair price. Most of the products we sell on the page are used for making video reviews on YouTube.  The customer can easily check the products on GLG Reviews. It’s exactly the same product in the video. 1 time using for making reviews. Then, resting in the box as same as when we received and ready to ship to a customer.

Free shipping & cash on delivery service

We offer free shipping for each product and also have cash on delivery service via Kerry Express over Thailand. If you are overseas, we will ship via Thailand Post. For an overseas customer, we would like to say sorry for any inconvenience circumstance, we couldn’t ship any product with battery regularly.

If we have a chance to ship overseas, we would like to let you know as soon as possible on our Facebook page, liked and followed to get the notification.

For those who live in Pattaya and nearby, we offer a delivery service by GLG himself. ^^ Enjoy shopping for everyone and good Sunday to all. 🙂

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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