Bonjour!  Wake up at 6 am this morning, get ready and heading to Suwannabhumi Airport by Pattaya Taxi Service. After slept in a car, we arrived at the airport, checked in and then breakfast time!

We would like to go to Starbuck but our plane will be at the gate G2 where is on the opposite side.  There is only one small Starbuck here, I don’t know why. So, we had breakfast at Coffee World instead. Then, we waited!


It’ s just 2.45 hrs from Bangkok to Hong Kong. I took my World History book to kill time on the plane. Reading and sinking into the past for a while, and then I woke up again when they were serving our lunch. It was pork with rice, fruit and ice cream. A good thing is they served  Häagen-Dazs.

Arrived at Hong Kong International airport, took the Airport Express train to Hong Kong station, changed to MTR for 3 stations, and we arrived at the hotel safely. Airport Express Train is the fastest way to travel from the airport to the Central. It’s just 24 minutes.

We decided to go for coffee after checked in and put all stuff in our room. This time we stayed in The Cityview in Mong Kok. We were just strolling around. Stopped at some interesting shop to check on any cool products but we buy nothing.

Most of the interesting shops in Hong Kong is inside a building. I have no idea how can people find out any places without internet. Some place is like a secret. Anyway, it was fun to explore around a secret building floor by floor, shop by shop. Monk Kok is a classic place, it’s different from Central.

According to Wednesday’s night, it’s our pizza night when we were in Pattaya. Now we are in Hong Kong and the pizza night comes here too. We found a nice pizza place on the street. So, tonight is still our “pizza on Wednesday”. ^^

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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