Bonjour! Today is Mother’s Day in Thailand. It’s the day for mother and also the day for a family. Every places and restaurant are packed with mother and family’s member. That’s so great!

I lived far from my mom and my family so that I didn’t spend this mother day with her. It would be so nice to spend time with family on this occasion and I felt sorry for that.  When I’m not at home on Mother’s Day, I will call my mom to say hello and tell her that I do love her. That’s only one thing I can do.

On Mother’s Day for Thai people, we will give a bunch of flower to our mother and take her to lunch or dinner at her favorite restaurant. For my mom, she loves coffee. She will be so happy when I take her to a coffee shop that does so good coffee.  Two years ago, I went back to my hometown on Mother’s Day and took my mom to a coffee shop where is 3 hours driving from home. In the beginning, she was blaming why we have to go so far, blah blah blah, lol. But after she had her coffee, she was very happy. ^^

I didn’t spend a happy time with my mom and our family today. I didn’t take her to her favorite coffee shop today. But I did it since last week when I took my parents to Pattaya. I have already taken my mom and my dad to many coffee shops and restaurants. Also, I already took my mom to the place where she’s really want to go and she was so glad to be there.

Actually, I have never missed being with my mom and dad on any occasion. It may not be on the exact date. I sometimes did it before or after, but I always do for them.  I always find time for them as they always have time for me since the first day I born.

Happy Mother’s Day to my beloved mom and to all mothers!

Au revoir & see you tomorrow





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