Bonjour! It has been 3 weeks without blogging since the surprised night from my boyfriend a day before my birthday. The next day, my birthday, I was driving to my hometown in Surin, Thailand.

I live in Pattaya, Chon Buri, around 450 km far from my hometown. It took me 7-8 hours journey, including many little stops for coffee, lol. I arrived at Surin quite late and I was very tired. So, I didn’t write anything on the blog, so sorry! Also for the rest 3 weeks.

I stayed at my grandparents’ house, I was living with them since I was young. It is always nice to back home. This time, I was at home for a few days, so I tried to spend time with my grandparents as much as I could. We had breakfast and dinner together almost every day.

During the daytime is the time with mom and sisters, having lunch, shopping or whatever. Then back for dinner at home.

My parents live in the same town, around 5 km far from but they come to have dinner at grandparents’ house every day. We are a big family with a dining table in the middle of the house which always has food on it. (My boyfriend surprised about this when he came with me last time, lol.)

A week in hometown was very happily busy with family and with food, of course.  Back to hometown is a good time for gaining your weight.

When I went back to Pattaya a week later, I was taking my parents and sister with me. I asked my dad and mom to come to my house in Pattaya to do a little ceremony to bless us. They stayed in Pattaya for a week, we visited many places around Pattaya. I took them to a temple where my mom really likes to go. She was listening to Buddhist knowledge from a master on a hill, near Wat Yannasangwararam on Facebook Live. The place there is so peaceful and very nice place.

My sister drove my parents back home after a week in Pattaya by my car. Then I have to back to Surin again to take my car back. On the last weekend, my boyfriend ( thank to him: the best boyfriend ever ^^) and I rode his big bike there, and he came back to Pattaya alone the next day, I came back 3 days after.

After back to Pattaya for a couple day, we have to prepare to welcome, little Matthieu for his summertime and also the first time in Thailand with Papa.

It’s been a little busy for me for the last 3 weeks, traveling to Surin, then back to Pattaya, then back to Surin again and back home in Pattaya again. Huh!

It should be fine now to back on blogging, I have so many things to update for you. Better to write on the next blog, I guess ^^

Au revoir & see you tomorrow.




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