Bonjour! It was 10 pm when I arrived home after Moo Kata with my teacher friend. I’ve just had Moo Kata, Thai style BBQ, and I smell like Moo Kata now. Can you smell it?

Talk about  Moo Kata, it is another kind of BBQ, similar to Korean BBQ with a stove in the middle of the dining table. We cook and eat at the same time. The place where I went is a buffet, you can take whatever you like and put on the pan. There are beef, meat, chicken, and seafood, and vegetable. Also, have many kinds of food to take.

Moo Kata is a kind of chilling place with family and friends. You can say it is another kind of party, lol. Normally, people stay at Moo Kata place at least 2 hours. Today, I spent 3 hours there. It is not about eating, it is how we spend time with our people. Even though there is a buffet which means you eat as much as you could but the point of Moo Kata is not only for that. The classic of “go to have Moo Kata” is the slow cooking, talking, and having a good time together.

According to the time we spend at Moo Kata, we will not just invite anyone there. Imagine if you have to go to Moo Kata with strangers or not kind of friendly friends, how can you spend hours and hours with them?  For me, Moo Kata is a place for family and close friends only.

I went to Moo Kata with Greg, Matthieu, and my friend, Champ since 6:30pm for dinner. As Greg and Matthieu are French, there are not really into the Moo Kata thing, but I invited them there because Greg is my BF, even we’re always together, I would like to spend time with him, lol. And for Matthieu, it is his first time in Thailand and Moo Kata is very special for local Thai food, it should be fun for him with a little strange eating style, I hope. I choose to go to the place near our house because of Greg and Matthieu will finish eating so fast and then they will get bored, so I can take them home first and go back to enjoy Moo Kata with my friend again. And Yes, it happened as I thought, I took them home after 1 hour and back to chilling with my friend until 9:30.

It was nice to have Moo Kata and talking with a friend. Three hours surrounded by food make my stomach too full now. Sitting by the stove makes me smell so so so good, like BBQ. So, It’s about time to have a nice shower and a good sleep.

Have a nice Moo Kata to all

Au revoir & see you tomorrow



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