Bonjour! Today is the first day of our holiday in Hong Kong. So, we decided to go to Shenzhen, China. Yeah!

As you know, to visit Hong Kong we don’t need to ask for Visa if we come to visit for a short time.  But for entering China, the visa is needed. It is better to ask for Chinese Visa from your country. But if you are already in Hong Kong and would like to visit China, you can apply for Visa on arrival from Hong Kong and can stay in China (Shenzhen only) for 5 days.


Fron Hong Kong, take MTR to Lo Wu Station, get off the train and follow the sign to ‘Shenzhen’. It’s not complicated, just follow people who have luggage ^^ actually, most people who come to Lo Wu Station are going to Shenzhen, just follow them. There have lanes only for Hong Kong Residence and visitor. A foreigner like us, go to the visitor lane. Follow the orange sign.

Shenzhen is on the left and Hong Kong is on the right. You are in the middle of nowhere. ^^

Keep walking and looking for the sign ‘Port Visa’ near a staircase. Walk to the sign and take the elevator to the second floor. You will see the orange photo machine on the left. You have to take a photo, it’s free.

Then, fill in the form at the table on the right. Prepare  168 RMB  ( You need to pay in Chinese Currency) Don’t forget to check the fee on the chart above, there is a different fee for some countries. Get the queue number, then sit down and wait. It might take 30 minutes or longer depends on how many people applying that day. After you have a Chinese Visa, take an elevator back to the first floor and turn left to collect your fingerprints on the machines. Fill in the paper and wait in the line to immigration counter.

After you pass the immigration, you will easily see Shenzhen Subway station right in front of you. This line goes to Shenzhen Airport. Also, you will see the bus terminal next to the station. Now you can stay 5 days in Shenzhen.

Today I spend only a half day in Shenzhen. Took MRT to Hua Qiang Road for visit, had lunch, and strolling around. In fact, I came here for my favorite hot tea where I miss the most since I have visited last time. AND when I returned to Hong Kong, they kept me waiting for an hour in Hong Kong Immigration Office. I will talk about it tomorrow when I feel better –”

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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