Bonjour! My first video is online today, yeah! This is my very first channel WTF: What The Food, on YouTube. I’m super excited, you will see it in my video. The camera took all my memories, I totally forgot what I would like to say. –”

My first WTF: What The Food

My first WTF was shot at Detective Conan Cafe in Siam Discovery in Bangkok, Thailand. If you don’t know Detective Conan, you’d better click on the link for more info on my last blog. Because I couldn’t do a good job on the video, so sorry about it, lol. This is my first time filming outside, I was super duper excited.

Thank you, my GLG

The Detective Conan Cafe video is directed by my boyfriend, GLG. He’s a director, producer, editor, and also cameraman. He is a driver as well. He did his best on my video and I would like to thanks him for all of this, thank you, my GLG. ^^  If you see when we recorded and when he edited this video, you will say this is the best version!

We prepared ourselves before going to the cafe. Greg wrote the script, prepared voice recorder, and his big camera. I always feel nervous in front of a camera. So, I asked him if we can just use GoPro. However, a little camera does not help, I couldn’t explain how I felt. It was exciting, nervous, panic, worried, scared and etc, lol.

I remember nothing

I prepared the script about Detective Conan.  I have watched it and read it since I was young. This is one of favorite Japanese Cartoon. I know the story and I already prepared the script at night. But when the camera in front of me is on, I absolutely have nothing in my head. I remember nothing, I’m blank for a while. When Greg told me what’s next, I don’t even hear him. It’s shame on me, I even forgot the name of the dessert.

This is hard

If you have watched my video, you will see how excited I am.  I really admire people who can be so natural in the videos. It’s not easy at all. This is hard, difficult, and tough. But I’m proud of my first video. finally, I did it.  I would like to stop recording because I feel like I cannot do it. But my boyfriend says, It’s like riding a bike, you will do better and better after more practice. I will try my best to do better and better in the next video.

Here is the link for my first video: Detective Conan, thanks in advance for watching ^^

Au revoir & see you tomorrow



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