Bonjour!  The article today is about how to renew a Thai driving license for a foreigner living in Thailand. In this case, my boyfriend, Greg, is a French man living in Thailand and this is the first time for renewing his Thai driving license for both motorbike and car.

Thai driving license

To do a Thai driving license is available for Non-immigration visa, a tourist visa cannot have it. For Greg, he is a member of Thailand Elite. He has already had his Thai driving license for 2 years.  For asking the new one, he came with an agency which is very convenient for documents and all. It is always convenient for an agency’s service because it comes with the price.

What do you need?

But for renewing, this is not complicated. It would be nice to do it before an expiry date or not too long after it finished. This is what you have to prepare to renew your license. ( Both, Original and Photocopy)

  • Your Passport with Visa
  • Original present resident address in Thailand certify from Embassy or Immigration ( We asked from the Immigration in Pattaya, the fee is 300 baht for 1 document)
  • Original Medical Certificate ( valid within 30 days)
  • Thai driving license

Department of Land Transport in Pattaya

We did it in the Department of Land Transport in Pattaya. We came here last week but it was too many people that day. The officer made an appointed for today instead. I’m not sure if you can call to make an appointment or not, better try first or come earlier before 8 o’clock in the morning.

We have arrived at the department at 7:30 a.m. this morning. There were so many people waiting in front of the department already. We take the queue number from an officer near the entrance and waited outside. The gate opened at 8 o’clock. Get inside and wait downstairs for your number. When they call your number, go to counter no.11 on the second floor and wait. Most of the officers and staffs don’t speak English, try to follow the Thai people.  You will have the physical test and the training for 1 hour, watching the Video. After making a payment and take a photo, you will receive your new driving license. Done!

Au revoir & See you tomorrow



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