Bonjour! As anything with batteries inside is forbidden by many shipping companies, including Thai Post. This is a big problem for us for ship products to our customers, especially smartphone.

Why do we need to ship smartphone?

My boyfriend, Greg, did video reviews about high-tech stuff on YouTube and he has got many products for his work. The products we received is our salary. So, we need to sell. Each product has used only one time for tasting in video and we sell half price to our customer.

Can’t ship with the battery

We have received lots of stuff. Most of them are already bought by customers but we couldn’t ship from Thailand or even domestic shipping by Thai post. Anything without battery is fine to ship aboard via air mail by Thai Post. They accept the phone but no battery. So, we need to find another way.

Overseas is difficult

For overseas, there is 2 company accept battery, DHL and FedX, but the price is very expensive. We have sold only half-price of each product and some of them are cheaper than the shipping price. This is very serious business. Smartphone and tablet we have could not ship overseas anymore.

Free shipping in Pattaya

We have tried to sell in Thailand. As we live in Pattaya, it is very convenient if you have found customer living around. We can deliver to them by hand. This is a good solution, free shipping, of course.

Lately, we had a customer from other provinces in Thailand. The battery is also forbidden via Thai post. Fortunately, there is another shipping company which is very popular in Thailand, Kerry Express.

Kerry Express.

Kerry accepts the ship products with a battery which is also good for us. We have shipped one smartphone and already registered for more service with this company. Our customer in Thailand can pay cash on delivery now. Ship with battery’s problem solves for domestic now. I hope we will find the solution for overseas soon.

If you have any suggestion, feel free to write in the comment. Thanks in advance!

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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