Bonjour! Let’s talk about the tree, the most beautiful thing in the world. As you see in the picture, it ‘s the most beautiful item I have ever wanted to buy. The hydroponic hanging pots with wooden tray with special offer 31% off, It is € 6,25 – 9,23 for pack.

Trees for me is a fresh and peace. As I grew up in a house surrounded by many big trees, now I have grown some around my house even thought I’m not a green thumb as my grandparents but many plants have survived.

Plants need soil to grow but some can grow well in water, Hydroponic plant. I have grow some in my house but i put them in empty jar. They are beautiful in any pot but when I see this pot set, I think my plants will be more beautiful in it.

Imagine if I put this hydroponic hanging pots on the table in my house, the room will be lively. Anyway, plant is pretty by itself but we can make them prettier by putting them in a right pot.

Let’s grow more plant to save the nature. Also, plant can be perfect furniture in your place, it suits any rooms perfectly, depends on the pot you put them.


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