Bonjour! Saturday is my teaching day. The class starts at 10 to 12 am and then I’m free. Our lunch was cooked by me like yesterday and of course, the menu is the same, the best noodles ever. ^^

Morning and lunch went so well today. So, it could be a nice day to explore something new outside, like a coffee shop.

I saw a sign writing about the new coffee shop which is now open. It was just a big sign by the road we took to Ramayana Water Park 2 days ago. So, we will go there.

We rode on that road and turned to a smaller road following the sign of that coffee shop. This small road is not a good one. It looks like a way down in a faraway farm, actually, it likes we going to an abandoned farm. When we turned to this small road, I was afraid we will not find any coffee shop or even a house here. I was thinking we should come by an ATV instead, lol.

After 5 mins, we arrived at the coffee shop, it names ‘ Koon’s cafe’. It’s a super nice place actually. It seems like a homestay surrounded by many trees. The shop is cool, I like it. That was a little explorer, I don’t think there is a nice place alone in the middle of nowhere. If I come alone, I will not be here. I will reverse the car and back home because the road is not a kind of leading in a good way.

We ordered two glasses of Ice coffee, one lemon tart, and one chess cake. The tart and cake were very good and fresh. They have just made it. Coffee was nice, they say the coffee bean comes from Doi Chang, Chiang Rai where they grow the best arabica in Thailand. Here is a nice place and not far from my home. I think it could be my next favorite coffee shop. ^^


Au revoir & see you tomorrow



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