Bonjour!  Today is Friday, an ordinary day. I started the day with breakfast and reading, then sunk in the past with that world history. I reached the Roman Civilization part which is talking about the philosophers. That’s great!

Reading the history feels like travel back to the past, some were good and some were horrible. Some of the stories are like reading a novel book but it’s a true story.  Even we don’t really know what really happened at that time, but many historians have studied lots of records and evidence before they wrote this book. However, the winner or the conqueror is the one who wrote the history. We are missing many parts from the past but it is still amazing.

I should write today in my history, I have made us (Greg and I)  lunch. It’s noodles and it’s the best noodles ever.  The best noodles made by the best girlfriend ever, my best boyfriend ever said that haha. lol. I will talk about the best …. ever later ^^

Dinner time was not my cooking time but it was my pleasure time to have my favorite spicy chili paste. It’s not the best one because the best chili paste ever is the one my grandma made it. ^^

Tonight’s chili paste is at Central Marina, Pattaya. It’s the only one food stand in the mall so it’s the best one. The seller said today was a bit quiet, not so many customers. So, she gave me lots to eat and I couldn’t finish it. I didn’t finish my dinner because I have to keep little space for dessert, lol. Have you ever heard about 2 separate part in our stomach, one is for food and another one is for dessert? I thought my stomach is like that and it’s amazing, right? ^^

Au revoir & See you tomorrow




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