Bonjour! Today is my good day. I have got a new phone, yeah! I’ll change tomorrow and then most of the pictures on my Instagram @gookpix will shoot on the new phone. So, what should I do with the old one?

I have a phone from Greg Le Geek.

According to my boyfriend, Greg Le Geek, he does the hi-tech stuff video reviews on YouTube on GLG Reviews. Mostly about Chinese phones and cool gadgets. As a reviewer, he has to try it all by himself and of course, he knows which one is good. We have many good gadgets from his work and we really use them.  So does this phone, I was about to change to another one but then I have seen this one when Greg received from DHL last week. It’s beautiful in black.

The Black Shark

Greg says I can have it after he finishes the reviews. He finished today and then I have it. This phone is Black Shark from Xiaomi, the famous Chinese high-tech bands. It’s beautiful in black with letter S in green on the back. It’s mins, S is for Suthasinee, my first name, lol. Actually not, it must refer to the bands: Shark, haha. Black shark is a gaming phone. I’m not a gamer and I rarely play games but I like its design. I also like a console they gave in the box even I’m not going to play any games but I’ll put it on, it’s cool! Greg told me this is a good phone which ……… I don’t understand. If Greg said that, it must be good. He does many reviews for many years, he knows best. ^^  My old phone is from his work as well. It’s Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus, it works so well since I have it a year ago.  So, thank you to my best boyfriend ever. hihi!

Anyway, this picture was shot on Black Shark!

Au revoir & see you tomorrow GOOKPIX

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