Bonjour! According to the Mother’s Day and it was on Sunday, yesterday, so this Monday is considered as a day off in Thailand. Today would be the best Monday for many Thai people. ^^

I don’t have any problem with Monday since I quit the job at the school and start to work from home ^ ^.  I have a problem to wake up in an early morning instead, wicked lol.

Anyway, nothing related to Mother’Day or any day off on today’s blog. I have just shown the picture of food which means our topic is about food. Ok, forget about day off or work day. Let’s talk about something good and tasty.

The picture above is Pad thai which is many of you know this name and some of you have already tried it. Pad thai is very popular Thai food for both Thai and foreigners. Pad thai or Phad that is a stir-fried rice noodle dish commonly served as a street food and at most restaurants in Thailand.

Pad thai that I have shown the picture is from Maesriruean Restaurant in Pattaya, Thailand which wrapped with fried egg. Most of Pad thai won’t severed like this but the taste will not be different.

If you’d like to try Thai food, Pad thai is one of the popular dishes that many people will recommend to you, as Tom Yum Kung.  There are many different kinds of stir-fried rice noodle in Thailand but Pad thai is the best, in my opinion. And it is listed at number five on a list of ‘World’s 50 most delicious foods’ reader’s poll.

This is one of the ancient Thai desserts. it is Khanom khrok or coconut-rice pancakes.  Khanom khrok is made of mixing-rice flour, sugar and coconut milk. They are made on a special cast-iron pan.


When I was young, it was so much fun to watch people making Khanom khrok. I even have a little set to play. I don’t remember how long I have not seen this kind of dessert. I have just seen it a couple of days ago when we entered to Maesriruean Restaurant. When I saw it I realized I have to order it.

I forgot to record how they made it but I promise I will do it next time, and you will like it. ^^

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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