Bonjour! I was thinking about my WTF: What The Food video all the time. I know it’ boring when I speak. I try to figure out how to do better for my next video. I have read the comment about my video, I would love to say thank you to all. Your comments mean a lot to me, thank you so much. ^^

For my next video, I’m thinking about the coffee shop near my house, the coffee shop in the jungle. That’s a good cafe hiding in the middle of nowhere. I would like to show you how cool is that place.

I have many places that I think it’s cool and I would like to show you all. I am eager to do the video but every time when the camera is on. I can not help myself, not to be afraid or nervous.

I’m not so fluent in English, I need time to think before speak out. It’s more difficult for me in front of a camera. I have to get over it and be better and better. I’m sure I will. The more you practice, the better you get.

I hope I can do better in my next video.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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