Bonjour!  Waking up early and go for renewing the driving license. Then, having a cup of coffee in the morning like when I was a teacher, it was a nice day today!

Transportation Department

We woke up early this morning to go to the Transportation Department in Pattaya for renewing Greg‘s driving license. We have prepared all the documents needed. We arrived at 9 am and the place is full of people. We have waited for the queue. unfortunately, they can’t have us today and also next week. He has to come back in the next two weeks at 8 am.  As Greg is a foreigner living in Thailand, his experience in applying and renewing Thai driving license will be very useful for many of you. I will write about this on my blog later after he has the new one.

It was just 9:30 when we left the Transportation Department, still morning and a good time for having a cup of coffee. We decided to go to Kiss Food where we often go for lunch and dinner. Kiss Food is near our old house and also near the school where I’ve taught before.

Every day coffee


When I was a teacher at this school, I came to Kiss Food almost every morning. Coffee is good and it’s very close to the school. I usually come to buy a cup of coffee or tea before school. Sometimes, I came at lunchtime.  It was so nice in the early morning, chilling with my favorite cup of coffee, a cappuccino or mocha before going to work or even for a little break in the afternoon.

It’s been a long time that I didn’t go for a morning coffee. My morning coffee used to start around 7:30 to 9 am at a coffee shop on the road to work. I said ‘used to’ because now it starts around 2 pm at home, lol.

I miss the past BUT I like it now

So, today is a good day to back to the past. Even it was 10:20 when we arrived at Kiss Food but I decided it still early morning for me, lol. We sat at the same table which I used to sit every morning. I was so nice to have a coffee here in the morning again. I’ve missed it a lot, my morning place. Being a teacher at the school was a good time, with all my students and some teacher friends, BUT when I think about all the paper works, the meeting and waking up too early every morning, I prefer to have my favorite 3 in 1 instant coffee at home in my pajamas even it was not so good as Kiss’s coffee.  So, let’s go home! It’s the best time of my life working and being at home with my best bf ever, haha.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow



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