Bonjour! Yesterday was the last day of our holiday in Hong Kong. Time to go home, back to the real holiday in Pattaya, Thailand.

Airport Express

Public transportation in Hong Kong is good for both train and bus. We took the MTR from Yau Ma Tei station to Central to the airport express rail link. This might be the fastest way to go to the airport, the express train takes only 25 minutes from Central to the airport. It costs HK$ 85  per person, HK$170 for two.

They also have a bus service directly from the hotel to the airport. It costs HK$150 per person, and you have to book 1 day before. I’ve just asked last night which means they will not have a place for us. The bus service is more expensive but it’ s more convenient as well.

As we have a flight at 12 am, it’s lunchtime. The first thing is always bothering me is when can I have lunch, lol. I should have before or I can wait for lunch on the plane. Take off at 12, time for taking off and time for preparation to serve, I must be super hungry.   It may not be a deal for you, but it’s a big deal for me. I don’t like to feel starving in any circumstance. it makes me headache, lol.

Breakfast, brunch, and lunch

We need to be at the airport 2 hours before the flight. With a good transportation in Hong Kong and my ‘always on time’ boyfriend, we arrived at 9:30 am. It was 9:40 when we’ve passed the immigration and it’s too earlier for lunch. I have just had breakfast before we left the hotel. But I’m hungry now!

So, we, actually me, decided to buy food for our brunch. It was too earlier when we got in the line. So many people waiting and then we have got our food around 10:30, It was a good time. Timing is perfect, we have eaten around 10 am, the plane is at 12 and they will start to serve our lunch around 1 pm, I have time to digest my brunch, haha.

WTF: what the food

Time for travel is never bothering me, but time for eating is always^^. I really love food that I’m thinking, I will start my new project about food. Should I name my Project, WTF: what the food?   Wait for it, I will start my WTF soon.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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