Bonjour! Woke up with a little backache or shoulder ache, I couldn’t specify where exactly it was. I’m sure it’s because of a super fun day at Ramayana Water Park yesterday, payback after fun lol.

I started my morning with a bowl of yogurt, fruit and a hot drink with the world history book, of course. It will take days and maybe months for finishing the whole book. Why? Because, first, I only read it during my breakfast time. Second, every page in the book is packed with a tiny little letter, hundreds of letter. It took me sometimes to finish just 1 page. But it’s a good book and I will continue like this.

Today we went to La Piscine Restaurant for lunch but we didn’t see the owner, the French man, anymore. He sold the restaurant and move back to France. Now, the new owner has come to run the business. It’s fine, food and restaurant still the same but the feeling has changed. Sometimes people come to a place not because of the place but because of a person. When a person no longer there, the same people or customers will be gone. It’s life and everything in our life always change.

Yesterday when we came back from the water park, I saw a big advertisement on the road about a new coffee shop and it seems interesting, cause they say coffee from Doi Chang, Chiang Rai where they grow the best coffee in Thailand. I would like to go there and then I changed my mind at the last minute. So, we went to ‘Slow Ride Cafe’ instead which is turned out to be a bad idea ever. We had made an order for 2 Iced Mocha, 1 Iced Tea, and a chocolate cake. Then we wait. Then we wait for a long time and tables around us who came after us have already got their food. We asked the waiter 3 times and waited. Then I went to ask at the bar and they still didn’t do our orders. That’s fine…fine for walked out and we will never come back ever again. I said it’s a bad idea to come here but no. It will be a good idea erase one cafe from my list and fill it with a new one that I will explore to find it soon ^^

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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