Bonjour! It was rain this morning. It rained on my plants, that’s good. The weather is good for staying at home, chilling and cleaning little stuff in the house, good.

We had a lunch at home plan to finish the food in the fridge before going to HongKong for a week. The food could not wait until we back home, it’s not healthy. So, we ate at home and watched the first episode of a new series for dessert.

After the movie is a back to work time. Before starting to work on the computer, let’s me drink a cup of coffee first, it could help me awake for this afternoon. After the last sip, I slept on the sofa instead, fell asleep as fast as I could. It’s such a good coffee before going to bed lol.

Woke up and finished my daily work, watched one episode of Orage is the new black and then went for dinner. The dinner time is more complicated on Monday. The restaurant near our house, Pumpui’s and Taco’s are closed on Mondays. We agreed to go to Fleelax, another nice French restaurant hiding in the town. Yes, it’s really ‘hiding in the town’. If you do not know somebody who knows this place, you will not find it easily. It’s on a small street of small streets of small streets again!

Not easy to explain before I don’t know the name of the street. Freelax is located in Pattaya ^^ of course. It’s located on Pattaya Sai 3 road but turns to a small street and keep turning. It’s complicated to find. But they served good food and that’s worth to follow a complicated way here.

This is my dinner which I already forgot the name. I normally ordered this one when we come to this restaurant. I was good but I have never finished the whole plate because they gave a lot, a big piece of pork, half of a big sausage, and lentils. It was a big dinner and I’m really full. Bon appetite to all.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow



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