Bonjour! Hope you guys doing well. I am at home now after taking a long trip last week. Traveling by bus from Pattaya to Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai to my hometown in Surin, and back from Surin to Pattaya, I am exhausted.

Traveling to Chiang Mai

Pattaya to Chiang Mai is far, it took me 10 hours by bus. When I started my journey from Pattaya it was not bad to sit for hours, actually sleep because I traveled at night. I felt just fine when I arrived at Chiang Mai bus terminal in the next morning.

While staying in Chiang Mai, I traveled by public transport and by foot.  After 5 days visiting, exploring, and walking around the city, my legs started to kill me but not too much. Then, I took a long journey by bus again.

A bus to Surin

This time is farther, around 15 hours from Chiang Mai to Surin. The bus left at 6 p.m. fro Chiang Mai Bus Terminal and arrived at the destination in Surin the next morning, around 9 a.m. It was not a good idea and I have no idea what have I done. haha.

Actually, we can travel by plane around Thailand. It would be nice traveling from an airport to airport. There is an airport in Chiang Mai but not in Pattaya. I thought if I travel by plane, I have to go to Bangkok which is 2 hours to the airport or to the nearer airport in Sattahip, wait 1 hour before boarding, 1.30 hrs on the plane and at least 30 mins to go out. Thinking about carrying the luggage from place to place, so, I said No.

Same reason when I have to go from Chiang Mai to Surin. There is no any airport in Surin, the nearest is around 3 hours from my parents’ house. I didn’t want to carry my heavy bags to transfer again and again. So, the bus seems to be a better choice.

Back to Pattaya

From Surin to Pattaya is not far compare to Chiang Mai, it took 7 hours by bus. Traveling by bus is the best choice on this route. If I have to go 3 hours to the nearest airport, time for waiting, boarding, and blah blah, take 2 hrs from Bangkok to Pattaya. I guess it took around 7 hours, not win time at all.

Actually, It was not bad for long travel by bus except I am getting old this year. lol

Au revoir & see you tomorrow


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