This is not an article for learning a language. It’s about something I’ve found on the internet and I would like to share with you. Mostly about something ‘cute’. But if we can learn a new thing from what I’ve found, it could be nice! Like I said on the last blog ‘Why choose if you can get them all’

As you see the picture, ‘Mignon Chat Cup’ a cute coffee cup with a cute cat. We are allowed to enjoy our time with our favorite drink, anytime and anywhere. In fact, if you sit among beautiful nature, any kind of cup doesn’t matter. But if you sit in an office, a box full of paperwork, it does matter, right?

Find a cup for lighting up your day and this ‘Mignon Chat Cup’ is perfect for a cat lover. You see, it is not only a picture of a cat but also the handle is like a tail. How cute is it!  This could be a perfect gift for friends or yourself. If you like to give it to me, it would be my pleasure to receive it.

Make an order here from >>> 600 ml Mignon Chat Ceramic Cafe Cup

For my address, send me PM message. ^_^


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Ghost13 · 4 January 2019 at 17 h 50 min

Bonjour Gookik
Have a prompt recovery. Hope you will be beter soon.
in case you ask you where i’m coming from i’am a follower of da great marabou Greg da Geek.
Have a sweat day and week and year.

    gookpix · 5 January 2019 at 18 h 39 min

    Thank you so much, I appreciate that

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