Bonjour! The Dragon’s back tail yesterday was good but my legs don’t agree with that, lol. So, we’re going to avoid any climbing, some steps at MTR or a mall can be accepted!

Giveaway bag by GLG


In the morning, we went to Xiaomi Store again. It’s just 10 mins walking from our hotel. As my boyfriend is GLG (@greglegeek) who really loves his work, decided to have an activity with his members. He has bought the new collection of Xiaomi backpack for the giveaway. The information is on his YouTube channel: GLG Reviews.

GLG’s holiday is not a holiday

After buying the giveaway backpack, he was working on some part of his video at Xiaomi Store for reviewing the new Xiaomi Mi Max 3, this video will publish on GLG Review as well.  If you can imagine what behinds the scene, surrounded by hundreds of people walking by, in the middle of shopping area as Mong Kok, Hong Kong. This video would be so amazing.

Langham Place

We were walking, I was walking and he was recording a video, to the big mall in central of Mong Kok, Langham Place. It is located at Mong Kong Station Exit A1. This is a big place full of many interesting shops. It can be a one-stop shopping for everyone, brands, cosmetics, jewelry, baby, cute stuff, toy, geek style, food, and drinks. Mong Kok could be the best place for shopping in Hong Kong, everything is here.

Line Friend and Lego

We strolled around the Langham Place and stopped at some interesting shop. The most impressive for us is Line Friend and Lego, haha. The big teddy bear at Line Friends is super duper cute.^^  I took a picture with her and already posted on my Instagram @gookpix. Many pictures will come after.


Another one shop is Lego. It looks like most of the lego shop except the big lego town inside. It was built exactly like the Langham Place where we stood. The building, the street, MTR, all detail of this area and they also put so many details inside the Lego town. This is super cool. If you come to Hong Kong, don’t forget to put Mong Kok on your list. Here is beyond a shopping center, you will see.

Au revoir & see you tomorrow



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