Bonjour! A good thing about living in Thailand, besides 7-11, is the 20 Baht Shop. This is a place that you can find very cheap products. And MR.D.I.Y., all is not 20 but the super low price.

The 20 Baht Shop

If you ever come to Thailand, you will see many 20 Baht Shops around. If you ever visit any 20 baht shop, you will see how amazing the shop is. I like to go there, to buy some little things because it’s very cheap. Even though the quality is not good but for short time using is fine. When I was a school teacher, this is my favorite place for buying materials for my classes.

MR.DIY, always low price


Most of the 20 Baht Shops look like an underground shop. Things are not really put in categories, a bit messy but classic. I like it! There’s also another kind of very fair price shop, MR. DIY. It is not all 20 baht. The price starts from 5 baht to hundreds. The quality seems a bit better. Also, the products are in the category.

Everything you need

MR.DIY is an amazing place. Products are various and cheap.  You will always find what you’re looking for. Whenever I need something and have no idea where can I find it, I always come to MR.DIY first. Like today, we need a small round battery and we got it here.

You will always buy


It is always fun to walk around this shop, you will always find a cool stuff. Everything you want, you can find here. Even what you don’t plan to have, you will find and finally buy it from here. I always buy something from this shop even I’m going to use it or not.  I am a kind of ‘Buy first, use later or never use but want to buy’ person. That’s not good, I know. lol.

So, this is a note to you: You should come to check on this shop, it’s a fun thing to do!

And, this is a note to myself: Don’t come too often, haha.

Au revoir & See you tomorrow


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