This Gloves design for making your cleaning duty easily. All kinds of cleaning will be more convenient by putting the Magic Silicone Cleaning Gloves on. The gloves are made of good quality silicone and come with little things all over the palms for help scratching.

If you have any problem with your sponge each time when you are cleaning something, it is a better choice to try these gloves. As you see in the picture, you can apply any liquid directly on the gloves and start to clean without slippery.

Washing the dish, cleaning and washing anything, or even shower the dog will be easy to do now. Also, the gloves will protect your hands from the damaging of the cleaning liquid.

When I see this product, I know it is worth to have it. One for the kitchen, one for general cleaning, one for outside, and one for …..  Yeah, one is not enough.

The promotion on Aliexpress allows you to have as much as you need because it is now on Flash sale and the price is reasonable.

So, Let’s go to the Magic silicone cleaning gloves which are now $7.19

Which color do you prefer?


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