Bonjour!  It is almost midnight in Thailand and I’ve just started to write the blog. I’ve just arrived home after going out with my best friend. It’s a long day but it’s also a good day. And my new vlog is online today.

New vlog is now online

Today is Wednesday and the best thing this morning is the WTF: What The Food Vlog is now online on YouTube on What The Stuff by GLG. This is my third vlog. The video is about Thai traditional dessert, Khanom Khrok. The other name is coconut-rice pancakes. More on my vlog. ^^

My best friend comes to visit

One of my best friend back to Thailand after nine months on board. We were a college in the school before we become a best friend. I haven’t seen her for a year and today she comes to visit me in Pattaya. We have talked and updated our lives for the past 12 months. It’s good to see you again.

Guess what we gonna eat

As I always do when my friend comes to visit me in Pattaya, Som Tom party is the first thing to do. lol. No doubt.  After I picked my friend up near Sukhumvit, we’re heading to Somtom Thong Lor.  Back to our old day, we came here a lot and still the best Somtom place ever.

Au revoir & See you tomorrow


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