Have you got any idea and really want to write down but don’t want to waste any papers because sometimes it just pops up in your head or just something not really important.

If you would like to write down any important you can write in The Magic Book, remember?

So, take a note, make a list, and can reuse. This is a better idea to save the world either. The NEWYES 8.5 inch LCD Digital Tablet Drawing Tablet Writing Pads Portable Electronic Board Tablet ultra-thin Board comes with a pen which is can erase easily and write again and again. The Pads don’t need to charge or connected. Lightweight and easy to carry on.

Convenient to slip it in your bag for any time and anywhere using.  It is now on Aliexpress, let take a look and have it.

NEWYES 8.5 pouce LCD Tablette 

US $9.31 US $20.69 | – 55%


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