Bonjour!  Chiang Mai is a province in the North of Thailand. There are hundreds of beautiful Buddist temple and rich in culture.  Besides temples and diverse culture, the landscape is attracting many tourists to visit this famous city.  One of the most beautiful landscape is Mon Jam where I have visited this time.

Where is Mon Jam?

Mon Jam, or Mon Cham, is a beautiful mountaintop located in Mae Rim valley. It is about an hour from Chiang Mai City by car or motorbike.  There is quite small and steep road to go to the top of Mon Jam viewpoint. It could be serious for new driver especially when it rains.

How to go to Mon Jam?

There isn’t any public transport directly to Mon Jam viewpoint. You can rent a motorbike or car from Chiang Mai, it took only an hour driving from the city. If you don’t want to drive, like me, you can take a one day trip with the Chiang Mai Red Car. That’s a good choice for us, me and sister.

One day trip with Chiang Mai Red Car

I have seen the Red Car Service on a Facebook page. They will take you to wherever you want around Chiang Mai, the car service comes with a good photographer driver.  I called to book a car with a photographer driver one day before with fair price..

The next morning, the Red Car service picked us up at our hotel at 9 a.m. exactly on time.  It looks like the Red Car Taxi in Chiang Mai but newer and safer with the door at the back. Inside the car is not two long seat but it is a comfy bed with two pillows. The driver, P’Aek, is very polite.

After an hour, we arrived at Mon Jam Viewpoint. Our driver became our personal photographer now. He has come with his DSLR camera and also manages our poses and where can take good photos (around 200 photos lol).  He took us to many places around Mae Rim Valley, Mon Jam, Mon Ing Dao, Vine Yard, Royal Botanic Garden, Temple, and a nice restaurant near the waterfall.

It was a very good choice to go with the Red Car Service. We have our driver, photographer, and guide at the same time. It was a very fair price with a good service.  All the pictures in this post were taken by our Red Car’s driver, how cool is it!

Au revoir & See you tomorrow


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